What We Do

Independent Tippers specializes in quarry demand requirements, major infrastructure projects, and contract cartage. We are able to afford our clients the confidence to tender on large projects knowing that they can rely on the unparalleled muscle of the largest on demand tipper fleet in the industry to assist them to get the job done, quickly, reliably and professionally. When our clients require a competent reliable company to perform the heavy lifting on larger jobs, they know there is only one company to call. Many of our clients often provide us with fully contracted positions, so they can have the confidence that they have the best in the business backing them up and can rest assured that no one else can provide a very large extra fleet to get the job done. The fleet comprises a myriad of equipment, beginning with Tandem units, Truck and 3 axle dog trailers, Truck and 4 Axle dog trailers, right up to B-Double tipper units. The fleet is exceptionally modern, well presented and comprises high capacity and payload units. Our equipment is maintained in our own company owned workshop by qualified, competent and very well experienced workshop staff, and all maintenance records are held in our workshop should any requirement for their production arise. Our staff and drivers are one of our biggest assets, our drivers are professional, reliable and conduct themselves in a businesslike manner at all times.
Independent Tippers has a waiting list of applicants, and any potential new staff member must perform a rigorous training program, are fully inducted for our clients, and perform annual medicals. Independent has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, and performs random tests on a regular basis. Our drivers are courteous and observe all traffic conditions and operate our vehicles in a safe and professional manner at all times, after all we are the face of our clients, to their clients.
We have an unparalleled safety record, and have passed even the most stringent of compliance audits by our clients and industry bodies. We have regular toolbox meetings to ensure all staff are compliant and aware of our clients requirements.
Independent Tippers have a strict policy of not providing quarry products, and only completing the cartage for our clients and in complete confidence. Some carriers become involved in retailing product, we believe this to be grossly detrimental to sanctity of the client / carrier relationship and have a strict policy of not engaging in this policy, and as a result our clients know and rely on us conducting their cartage in a confidential manner.